A Dream Wedding

Sometimes in the dead of the night,
I still see visions upon my head.

And wonder whether in that blissful moment comes in our lives,
for the union with the two hearts,
for the promises to love forever.

Wearing a Pink and a Purple Gown,
Holdin' a fresh bouquet of sunflower.

As I walked with a tremendous feeling,
excitement as I steps down,
to a red carpeted, 
flower bedecked aisle.

Seeing the one that my heart's captivated,
the one, who will be my half.

And pledge before God,

to the man where my heart's belong,
my lifelong friend, my partner in crime and
the man who is meant to be my forever

 My man of my dreams.

It seemed the best thing is everything happens.
Yet, the end is nearly coming.
A beautiful edge of dreams
But reality hit comes within.

everything is a dream.

*still dreaming when will it happen, but still God's everything knows about it..will still waiting the right one...😘😚🙆

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