A Dream Wedding

Sometimes in the dead of the night,
I still see visions upon my head.

And wonder whether in that blissful moment comes in our lives,
for the union with the two hearts,
for the promises to love forever.

Wearing a Pink and a Purple Gown,
Holdin' a fresh bouquet of sunflower.

As I walked with a tremendous feeling,
excitement as I steps down,
to a red carpeted, 
flower bedecked aisle.

Seeing the one that my heart's captivated,
the one, who will be my half.

And pledge before God,

to the man where my heart's belong,
my lifelong friend, my partner in crime and
the man who is meant to be my forever

 My man of my dreams.

It seemed the best thing is everything happens.
Yet, the end is nearly coming.
A beautiful edge of dreams
But reality hit comes within.

everything is a dream.

*still dreaming when will it happen, but still God's everything knows about it..will still waiting the right one...😘😚🙆

Buko Pandan Salad with Agar-Agar Recipe

Hi  Loves,

I am sharing with you one of my favorite dessert.  I have lots of favorite dessert and buko salad with agar-agar is definitely one in my list. This Filipino dessert is very affordable that everyone can afford to do it and it is so yummy! 

Actually, this kind of dessert is typically served during occasions like birthdays, graduations, fiestas or any special occasions as a Filipino favorite dessert.

Who would not fall in love with the sweetness of this desert can give to you. Most Filipino loves sweet foods and I believe that is what makes Filipino's sweet. If you're a Filipino you'll definitely know this about!

Likewise, it is very popular desserts in the country the Buko Pandan Salad because it tastes creamy and yummy. Sweetness overload!

This  Filipino tropical dessert, is compose of Pandan Jelly (gelatin), Buko (shredded young coconut), and Cream. I also added an agar-agar which I bought a ready made pack in the market which is cost 25 pesos.

What is Agar-Agar?

Agar-Agar is a dry extract of red marine algae (seaweeds), which contains soluble fiber. It is used as a food additive and supplement. Agar has beeen used as an ingredients in desserts for so many years.

I rest assured you that you will like and love it this simple and not too expensive dessert recipes.


1 pieces young Coconut ( scraped and well drained)
1  pack of Nestle cream
1 can Condensed milk (used the Buko Pandan Condensed Milk)
1  pack unflavored green gelatine powder
1 cup of water ( to balance the sweet)
1 pack of Agar-agar (this is optional)


1.  Cook the gelatine according to its packaging procedure then add sugar, mix well and pour in a molder and refrigerate until harden.
2. Get the harden gelatin and cut it into any shape you like dice,cube, and shredded shape.
3. In a mixing bowl, combine together the young coconut, gelatin, cream and condensed milk.
4.  Add the agar-agar in the mixture. Again this is optional.
5.  Cover with a lid and refrigerate overnight.
6.  Serve with a smile and enjoy!

I made this buko salad recipe of mine a countless times so I guaranteed you will love this as I love it. This whole recipe is worth of  139 pesos.

young coconut   20 php
agar-agar            25 php
nestle cream      45 php
Condense Milk   38 php
gelatin powder   11 php
                           139 pesos only

This is one of the most affordable and easier dessert that you try it at home. It is very simple to do. And this is also best dessert jamming for the whole family too. Actually this is only best for one day since it tastes yummy and super delicious and my whole family loves it so much. 

This is for now, see you soon to my second recipe post.  Tell me if you did this recipe, I'll be  the most happiest person evah!!😙😙😘😚

Ai Mee

Define Your Style with Lazada’s Fashion Week











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