Lazada's 3 Days Free Shipping

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A few hours away till Lazada's 3-day 9.9 SALE ends!  What are you waiting for ? Everything you've wanted and feels worrying about the shipping fee? I guess this is all our luck now because Lazada is having a 3 days 99 Sale + Free Shipping Nationwide. Hell, yes!!! No Kidding! :)

FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE for 3 days will waive all the shipping fees of your order regardless of the total amount! And even bulky items like refrigerators or cabinets can be shipped to as far as Mindanao free of shipping fees!

To make things more exciting here's the list

1. K-Beauty  Corner

Everyone will love this corner of Lazada's as I love it especially that I am obsessed with the Korean Beauty Products. And for the young loves like me you can now purchased on Lazada Ph website the products that you've been looking for. Where in Lazada now offers Korean Beauty Product that most Filipinos looking for a specific brands Innisfree, Cosrx and many more .

click the image below to see all the products listed on Lazada.

Lazada Philippines

2. Drones

Most of us are familiar with this tgadget named Drones. This gadgets have a built-in Camera that are usually ready-to-fly quadcopters that have stabilized cameras for shooting video and stills. Drones with cameras have a massive amount of uses in different industries, such as video production, search some thing and many more. Click this Lazada on Drones.

Lazada Philippines

My Little Angel

The day I first met you,
My heart keeps on beating so fast,
the very first time when,
my eyes laid on you.

You brought to much lightness,
to my darkess moment,
you brought to much happiness,
to my gloomy days.

You were the apple of the eyes,
when everybody sees you.

You thought me how to love again,
to love without a boundary,
to give love without any expectations.

You're one best thing happened into my love,
surely you will always be in my heart,
and will never forget you.

I am always thankful to God,
that He gave us you,
I believe everything has reason,
is that to teach us how to Love again.

To give loved and to be loved,
Thank you for the memories,
I love you, my dear fur pup.πŸΆπŸ•
My little angel.

Love and Hugs,


A Dream Wedding

Sometimes in the dead of the night,
I still see visions upon my head.

And wonder whether in that blissful moment comes in our lives,
for the union with the two hearts,
for the promises to love forever.

Wearing a Pink and a Purple Gown,
Holdin' a fresh bouquet of sunflower.

As I walked with a tremendous feeling,
excitement as I steps down,
to a red carpeted, 
flower bedecked aisle.

Seeing the one that my heart's captivated,
the one, who will be my half.

And pledge before God,

to the man where my heart's belong,
my lifelong friend, my partner in crime and
the man who is meant to be my forever

 My man of my dreams.

It seemed the best thing is everything happens.
Yet, the end is nearly coming.
A beautiful edge of dreams
But reality hit comes within.

everything is a dream.

*still dreaming when will it happen, but still God's everything knows about it..will still waiting the right one...πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ™†