My New Year's Resolution for 2017

Here I am again blogging about my new years resolutions for 2017.  It is too cliche, where in fact that I made a list before for my New Years Resolution for 2016, but too funny since I only achieved 3 out of 15. Now, I am hesitant to make one and yet here I am again contemplating those things that I've really wanting to achieve for the new coming year. This is my goal to change and become a better person. 

I am really determine to make this New Year's Resolution for 2017 be succesful. I still have 12 months and 365 days to make it. Reminder if you are making like mine this is really serious and a big discipline in order to achieve everything if you really dreaming and wanting to be on top of your dreams. I believe that there is no shortcut in everything, and be considerate what life is given to you and always be thankful no matter how small or big it is. 

Hopefully, those simple list that I made helps me and will be my guiding pattern in achieving all my goals for the new coming year.  

Enhance my self-confidence

I want to be more confident with myself. Gaining self confidence will help me to be more productive. I want to explore more and learn what else I can do, without thinking of others. 

Be a better person.

I will try to change all the bad habits that I'd make from the past. I will try to become a better person for myself.

To look for a Job.

I am looking forward this year 2017 for having a new job. 

Write more on my  blog. 

Writing is one of my passion, and I am looking to the new days of the year 2017, for new adventures, trips, foods, shopping to come and everything that I love for me to be able to share on my blog. Hope I can write more. 

Learn a new language. 

Sounds so easy, but a big NO! Hopefully, I can make it. Well, I know learning a new language wasn't that so easy but with perseverance and hardworking I believe I can do it. I'll make sure by next year I am fluently speaking to my chosen language to learn. (finger crossed)

Learn Calligraphy. 

I really wanted to learn  calligraphy since high school. 

Save money. 

Ok!  I will start this year to save for my future. I am thinking of buying a Piggy Bank lol. I'll lessen my shopping buy only things that I really NEED not that I WANT only.

Buy New Books: 

 I am love reading books especially when my boredom strikes and it is one of  my stress reliever. Can someone give me a book to read, huhuhu.. 


I have already my wish list and plan all  the places that I want to visit. 

To get FIT. 

Everybody wants to get fit or loose weight right but I guess I am your opposite. I  do really want to gain weight just Five pounds is enough for me. I don't know I easily gain and to lose weight so fast. 


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